Transforming Data into Insightful Stories

Merging the Precision of Engineering with the Art of Data Analysis

About Me

“Hello! I’m Miguel Angel Bula, a soon-to-be Administrative Engineering graduate from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, renowned globally and leading in Latin America. My academic journey has been an intricate tapestry of programming, statistics, calculus, and a deep dive into the business world. The realm of numbers isn’t just my strength; it’s my passion, as evidenced by triumphing in the national mathematics Olympics at 16.”

Skills and Attributes

Analytical Skills

Expert in statistical analysis, data interpretation, and problem-solving.

Programming Proficiency

Skilled in Python, R, and SQL, with a focus on data manipulation and visualization.

Business Acumen

Understanding of business operations, marketing analytics, and strategic planning.


Natural team leader, experienced in project management and collaborative teamwork.


Excellent in presenting complex data insights in an understandable and actionable manner.

Professional Experience

Real-World Impact Through Data

Data Analyst at GEMA:

“In my two-year tenure as a Data Analyst, I’ve mastered the art of translating data into business growth strategies, optimized operational processes, and enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities.”

Customer Service Specialist at Teleperformance:

“Developed and honed advanced communication skills in a fast-paced environment, engaging with English-speaking clients daily. This role significantly enhanced my ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively, a skill directly transferable to my data analysis projects where explaining data insights to diverse audiences is key.”


“Each project in my portfolio represents a unique challenge and a solution crafted through data. They range from market analysis to operational efficiency improvements.”


Academic certificate from the National University of Colombia, in administrative engineering with an advance of 85%

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Data Analysis with Power BI

Business Intelligence Course: Utility and Areas of Opportunity

Advanced Excel Course with Macros

Advanced Excel for Data Analysis

Intermediate Excel for Analysts with Dashboards and Formulas

Database Fundamentals

R Fundamentals

Data Manipulation and Transformation with Pandas and NumPy

PostgreSQL Course

PostgreSQL Course Applied to Data Science

Practical SQL Course

Course on Mathematical Functions for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization Course with Matplotlib and Seaborn

Data Science Work Environment Course with Jupyter Notebooks and Anaconda

Data Visualization for Business Intelligence

Tableau Course: Data Visualization and Storytelling for Business

Git and GitHub Professional Course

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